‘Cause passion runs through your veins

‘Cause you really want it

‘Cause if not now, when?




How the programme was born

Falling in love fills you with an unfathomable joy. Passion seems to fuel you, and there’s no reason to stop thinking that you are meant to be together. Blissful eyes see beauty in every corner of existence, and you find yourself feeling that enigmatic sentiment called “happiness”. 

But love has a dark side too: its absence. Anyways, when something goes wrong, bliss may turn into pain in a blink of an eye. 

Romanticalia is the evolution of the programme Hablamos del Amor (Talking on Love) that came out in the aftermath of a painful breakup that I experienced at the very moment of my arrival in Madrid. Moving there was a project that we made together to expand our professional careers. Inspired by the emotions I was feeling, I devoted my second radio segment in the programme El contador on Radio Internacional (Madrid) to the language of love from its absence

As I couldn’t change the course of the relationship with my girlfriend -from there on, my ex- I carried on as well as I could. A few months later, I met a brilliant girl, but, unfortunately, we had to finish it soon because I wasn’t prepared for a new relationship yet. 

One day, talking with my good friend and excellent audiovisual producer Chema Lobo, we started searching for an alternative for a radio project that we had in mind. Chema came up with the idea of producing and broadcasting the show by our own means, without depending on the decisions of any other media companies. It was hard for me to accept such an idea at the beginning. The second time that he told me about it, I firmly rejected it. The third time took me visiting the little town in which my ex and I used to live, strolling around the same beautiful places that we enjoyed together as the following pictures show: 

They are cute, aren’t they? But what about the next one?

It’s the facade of the supermarket round the corner. Thank goodness that I found it closed when I arrived! Otherwise, I would surely have taken nostalgic pictures of the oranges we used to buy, which definitively proves that I was still under my ex-girlfriend’s spell. Later that day, Chema phoned me: “What on earth are you doing there? Torturing with your happy memories?” Next, he told me again about the convenience of putting the programme together. This time, I accepted the challenge, opting for a show dedicated to the angels and demons of love relationships (and other manifestations of passion) in which I could explore and share the key points, deepen into its realities and mysteries (if any), talk with experts, and get to know the way in which all kinds of people live the wonders or love and face up the pain caused by the lack of it or the difficulties that take place in any relationship. A meeting point for those who dare to live it to the full. The result was Hablamos del AmorRomanticalia is the present update.